Animals of the Oyo Empire

I’m really pleased to announce that I’ve reached an agreement with Akin Ogundiran to work on a project examining material from the Oyo empire in Nigeria.  The first stage of this project will take place in October of this year, when I will examine the faunal remains excavated during the course of his recent fieldwork at two sites (one urban and one rural) in SW Nigeria.  I will also be collaborating with Matthew Law in this study.

Initial signs are that the excavated material is in very good condition and this promises to be a very exciting project which will shed light on one of the great pre-colonial empires of West Africa.


Salt and Mud on the Atlantic Coast of France

I’ve just returned from a week’s fieldwork in France collecting invertebrate samples for analysis as a part of the EcoSal Atlantis project.  Working on the ecological side of the project, we’re particularly interested in how these intensively managed landscapes provide a habitat for a consistent community of invertebrate species and (often) migratory birds along Europe’s Atlantic coast, from Portugal to Scotland.

This was the first portion of fieldwork in the project and more will follow this year and next as we seek to establish precisely how these ecosystems develop through the year and how they are connected to eachother.  More information on the research project can be found at (a website concerning the British portion of the project is in production).