“Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.”

Every year I say I’m not going to TAG.  Last year I ended up running a session there.  This year, I managed to keep to my “not attending” mantra until the end of October.  Then a series of events overtook me and I found that I will be attending, and presenting, again this year after all.

The paper will feature in Jim Leary’s session on the “Archaeology of Mobility” and will be co-presented with Oula Seitsonen (University of Helsinki) and Jean-Luc Houle (University of West Kentucky), examining the issue of mobility in Bronze Age Mongolia.  A full copy of the abstract is given below.

lion skeleton



The Ritual Round

This paper examines the issue of mobility in the context of Bronze Age Mongolia. Recent fieldwork has identified a pattern of seasonal mobility in the Khanuy Valley which shows considerable similarity to present day patterns. Supportive ethnographic work has shown that the issue of mobility is integral to perceptions of identity in the present day population in the same region, and that this mobility is expressed through daily, annual, decadal and generational cycles. The spatial relationship between domestic habitation sites in the region and large-scale monumental complexes suggest that the themes of mobility and liminality were also an intrinsic part of belief systems in the region in the Bronze Age. The theme of movement through the landscape and through the seasons is explored through the analysis of landscape archaeology, ethnoarchaeology and zooarchaeological evidence. It is suggested that understanding past mobilities in the region is crucial to our interpretation of past lifestyles and cultures.

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