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I promised more African related news the other day.  This is perhaps a little less exciting than the other, but still showcases an important development in African Zooarchaeology in its own way.

The 8th Annual African Research Day (AARD) takes place at UCL on 25th-26th November.  At a number of conferences over the past few years it has become increasingly apparent to me, and to others, that the African zooarchaeology community is extremely disparate and can often feel very isolated.  One way to help bridge the geographical gaps between researchers is to make better use of the internet.  At AARD, I shall be co-presenting a poster (with Jim Morris) which introduces one such way to do this – the use of a social network for African zooarchaeologists.  The poster is entitled “iCommunication in African Zooarchaeology” and I have uploaded a copy to my Academia profile.  A copy of the abstract can be found below.

lion skeleton


iCommunication in African Zooarchaeology

The zooarchaeology of the later prehistoric periods in Sub-Saharan Africa is an area which has seen renewed focus in recent years, with sessions on the subject organised at major international conferences in 2008 (SAfA – Frankfurt), 2010 (ICAZ – Paris) and 2012 (SAfA – Toronto). This renewed attention by a new generation of scholars, and their meeting at conferences, has led to an awareness of a need for easier information exchange and support frameworks in an often isolated and disparate community. This poster presents a new internet platform for networking and academic support, creating an online home for that community.

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  1. […] January has also seen the firming up of a couple of schedules for some of the bigger conferences to take place in 2012.  The 11th biennial SAfA (Society of Africanist Archaeologists) meeting takes place in Toronto from June 20th-23rd. Sadly I’m unable to attend as I’ll be away conducting fieldwork at the time.  It’s one of my favourite conferences though as it always has a lovely atmosphere and some interesting sessions and I will be there in spirit as my poster presentation entitled “iCommunication in African Zooarchaeology” (collaborating with Jim Morris) has been accepted for exhibition in absentia. This presentation was previously aired at AARD 2011 and a copy a copy is available on my Academia profile (a copy of the abstract was given in a previous post here entitled Digital Africa). […]

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