Out, About and Away

I arrived in Mongolia last week and it’s been good fun catching up with old friends.  We have managed to get some good work done already and tomorrow we leave for Bayan Olgii on an early morning flight.  Returning in late June, I’ll be out of email contact until then.

Since I last posted here my review of Ethnozooarchaeology (by Albarella and Trentacoste) has been published in Ethnoarchaeology.  A copy of this is available on the Left Coast Press website or through the usual channels.

Also recently announced is the next Sheffield Zooarchaeology Shortcourse, to take place September 5th-7th.  This continues to be extremely popular: a review of the last course can be seen here – http://traineecurator.wordpress.com/2012/04/23/sheffield-zooarchaeology-training-course/.  For more details of the course see http://www.sheffield.ac.uk/archaeology/research/zooarchaeology-lab/short-course.

lion skeleton


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