Season’s Greetings

This has been another very busy year for me: fieldwork for projects in Mongolia and Tanzania has been completed and post-excavation work has continued on the material from Nigeria, whilst my PhD research has been refined and refocused.  We decided from the beginning that the Western Mongolia Archaeology Project should involve only one year of fieldwork; we now begin the process of consolidating our research from that project and the Khanuy Valley Project, planning how best to develop knowledge and our interest in Mongolian Bronze and Iron Age cultures further.  The Archaeological Investigation of a “Moving Frontier” of Early Herding in Northern Tanzania, meanwhile, was envisaged as a pilot project and, having met our research goals for that project we await news to hear whether or not the project will enter its mature phase.

All in all, 2013 promises to provide significant new opportunities and, more pleasingly still, the fruition of the work of several previous years.  As I look forward to the new year I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of my colleagues and clients for their help and support in the last year and to wish them A Very Happy Yule.

lion skeleton


It’s December Already!

November flew by so fast I barely even noticed it had arrived, much less that I hadn’t posted an update here…

I do remember the month started with the AEA conference in Reading, where our paper “No Flies on Us: The Diffusion of the Neolithic in Africa” was rather well received.  Assuming that the audience contained few delegates with specific knowledge of African archaeology in this period, it was largely an introduction to our project in Tanzania: what we’re doing and why.  Some perceptive questions were asked in the wake of the paper, with many more being aired during the breaks over the rest of the weekend.  My report of the whole of the conference can be found in the latest AEA newsletter.

Beyond that, a couple of reports were finished and a lot of work on my PhD was accomplished.

I’ll be sure to be more prompt next month!