Fancy Going on a Summer Holiday? It’s Edifying Up North!

Our Zooarchaeology shortcourse at the University of Sheffield was a success again last month: students came from many different backgrounds and countries; they all said that they had a lot of fun and learned a lot and we enjoyed meeting them all and helping them in their learning. That, of course, was the first time that we’d run the advanced course alongside the introductory one, so we were doubly pleased to welcome back some familiar faces and hear how they were developing their zooarchaeology knowledge away from the classroom.

It’s not long now before our next course though and, again, we’re offering something new. We’ve teamed up with the human osteoarchaeology lab at Sheffield to offer an extended package of courses in June as well as offering a course on marine resources in zooarchaeology – a topic often overlooked in many zooarchaeology courses which can implicitly focus on terrestrial (and particularly domesticated) animals. All of our courses assume no prior knowledge and can be taken on their own, or in combination with any of the other courses.

The full package is made up of three short courses, in zooarchaeology, marine resources and human osteology which can be taken separately or booked together for a discount:

Understanding Zooarchaeology 1
17-19th  June 2013
Cost: £180/£120 (concession)
Through three days of short lectures, discussions, case studies, and hands-on practical work, this course offers a solid introduction to the identification of animal bones, the theory and methods behind zooarchaeology, and the uses and limitations of this form of evidence. This course an ideal starting point for archaeologists, museum curators, heritage professionals, and natural history enthusiasts who encounter animal bones and/or zooarchaeological reports in their research or professional capacities. Equally, it provides a firm basis for students interested in pursuing further training.

Marine Resources
20-21st  June 2013
Cost: £180/£120 (concession)
This course provides detailed insight into faunal remains associated with human exploitation of coastal environments. The course is heavily based on practical laboratory sessions that provide training in the identification of fish, mollusc, marine bird, crustacean and marine mammal remains. In addition, short lectures and case studies are used to provide examples of how different lines of evidence are brought together to provide an integrated understanding of marine resource exploitation, often as part of a more extensive subsistence strategy, for archaeological sites in Europe. Of particular relevance to coastal enthusiasts, archaeologists, environmental scientists, and biologists.

Introduction to Human Osteology
24-28th  June 2013
Cost: £400/£340 (concession)
This five day course provides participants with an overview of human skeletal anatomy and a variety of osteological methods, in order to convey understanding and recognition of standard osteological practice and help participants gain confidence when dealing with human skeletal material. The course is suitable for those working in outdoor occupations, the rescue services, field archaeology and museums, or students and for those wanting a taster course in human osteology.
Courses can be taken individually or in any combination. We also offer the following:
  * 10% reduction in fees for all those attending all 3 courses (£684/£522 concession)
  * Detailed information on international travel to Sheffield and short breaks in the UK
  * Possibility of a day trip to sites of osteoarchaeological interest (for a small extra cost)

Registration is now open. To book your place, or find out more information, please visit our website at:

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